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Dr. Aja D. King

After almost 18 years of providing traditional mental health services, I begin to experience burnout.

Being a mental health professional and burnout do not match. 

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While I loved my career, I was experiencing a heavy weight of grief, helplessness, and trauma from the populations I was serving. Furthermore, working through my own trauma while holding space for others was becoming surmountable.

To break from this, I begin to dive deep into my own healing process, and revisit painful experiences that kept me frozen with guilt and shame. Through my experience, I realized that my body needed more then talking. It needed to find space for the feelings, and opportunities to release that energy. I begin to seek non-traditional healing options that gave my emotions a place. Reiki, Drumming, Dancing, Nature Walks, Post-Divorce Couple’s Therapy (that’s for a later story. LOL), and so many more modalities. These variations of healing helped me to understand that wellness is not linear. How could I get this message back to the community?


With that, Brave Defiance Healing and Consulting was created.

Aja King is Counseling Psychologist, with a license in Professional Clinical Counseling in the state of Minnesota. Dr. King understands the struggle of self-care which inspired her to create retreats and healing spaces for those seeking to be nurtured to their maximum health and potential. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. King had dedicated her life to guiding others through the mental health and wellness journey. Dr. King believes that wellness is a steady process that needs: community support, patience, and compassion. She utilizes a holistic approach which includes Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound Therapy, Breathwork, and meditation. Join Dr. King and her team as you awaken your soul to explore your potential and the ability to break through to greatness.

Brave Defiance Healing and Consulting believes wellness is connected to wholeness follows a few principles:

1. Awareness: The first step to ANY wellness is based in awareness. The ability to view a problem from various lenses to create wider insight, and more self-reflection.

2. Knowledge: From our greater insight, we then begin to learn more and dive deeper into infractions to create solutions.

3. Connection: After our reflection, we can connect with others for further reflection, ideas, solution and support.

4. Restore: Through this cycle, we move to a greater sense of balance. While it may or may not be 100% to recovery, we now have a path to wholeness that is easier to find when we feel lost.

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